Green Parrot Health Systems

light and secure health systems for hospitals and clinics

Africa is characterized by a vast and steady growing population who are faced with often underserviced and understaffed healthcare facilities. Most health facilities are still using traditional, pen & paper to complete forms and aggregate data.

The use of mobile phones, the growth of private sector and the introduction of the electronic district health information system (DHIS2) drive the need for electronic health systems.

Green Parrot, an International group of health and ICT experts, supports hospital, health centres with the implementation and maintenance of electronic health systems tailored to the African context.

Green Parrot Health Systems builds, implement and maintain electronic health systems that:

  1. Use less power and are not vulnerable to power outage
  2. Secure against viruses and unauthorized usage
  3. Integrate medical diagnostic tools, nurse call systems, and other medical devices.
  4. Create and maintain electronic patient record and electronic patient cards

Color & form

The name Green Parrot comes from the Green Parrot, a small to medium sized parrot that origins in West Africa and Latin America. Green Parrots have migrates very successfully to countries in Europe and Northern America. In Amsterdam, Madrid, New York colonies of these bird flourish. We studied this little creature to explore colors and form.






Exploration of form


During the exploration our goal was to find forms that reflect speed, flow, lightness and mobility. In the start of the proces we used more literal forms of the Rose Ringed Parakeet but initually moved  toward a more abstract direction.

Symbol Construction

The logo fro GreenParrot has been designed by Wilco Vogelaar. ‘ Vogelaar ‘ means someone who likes to watch bird. Wilco started looking very carefully at the bird and duplicated the various forms and colours in our logo. He made a rather traditional logo, where the flow of information or data can be envisioned. The colour green has also to do with our call for a more sustainable world.

Roelant ZwaanswijkFounder Green Parrot Health Services

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